Helping Brands & Startups with Talent Acquisition Services

HR Outsourcing, Project Consulting, and Phone Support for SMEs and Startups

We are a dynamic recruitment service firm situated in Rohini, Delhi. We serve as a recruitment service partner to our clients and deeply understand their business requirements and provide them with the best solution to add value in their growth. We assist our clients in finding the best potential candidates for their organization.

About Us

Our Beliefs


Our mission is to be the leading provider of HR solutions for small business in the India, helping to create more successful, productive, and high-performance organizations.


Our vision is to help employers improve organizational performance, creating improved business performance through people, productivity and best practices.

What we serve

HR Outsourcing, Project Consulting, and Phone Support for SMEs and Startups

Our Scope of Services

We believe that every small business that’s passionate about growing and becoming successful deserves access to talented HR professionals that will help them reach their goals. That is why we offer a comprehensive range of flexible HR solutions that fit your needs.

Our experience and proven results provide assurance to our clients that their project is both on time and on budget.


Our Core Services

Talent Phoenix Consulting has been consistent with its recruitment and hiring practices since the time it was commenced. We have a team of professionals who assess candidates that match the client’s business requirements.

In this endeavor, we strive to offer various Talent Acquisition Solutions including Executive search, Permanent staffing Bulk hiring, Contract hiring, etc.


Other related services

Our proven resume building and interview preparation services provide students and professionals with the resources they need to continue their successful careers. Our proven resume building and interview

It mainly covers:

  • Employee Resume Review and Creation
  • Mock Interview Coaching
  • Counseling and Support Services



There are a number of reasons which distinguish us from others and why do we stand out in talent acquisition domain.

DR Model or Part-Time HR

We’ve programmed our folks to take away all your hiring pain right from the scratch. The dedicated recruiter acts as a Part-time HR for your small business/ Startup and all-time account manager to manage your campaign hygiene.
Isn’t that awesome?


Quality Data pool of candidates

The quality of candidate data pool plays a vital role in hiring decisions. We always strive to offer quality data pool of candidates to our clients. We’ve an in-house sourcing team which works on ensuring the quality of the candidates for fulfilling our client’s recruitment requirements.


Other HR related services

Talent Phoenix Consulting has rapidly spread its wings in a short span of time. It is evident that hundreds of candidates have already been placed through us within short-span of five months of our operations. We have also partnered up with several reputed B-schools, Colleges & Universities over the period.



What People Say

“Talent Phoenix undertakes its role with a vision and passion that goes beyond the narrow mission of human resources. Moreover, Talent Phoenix is proactive and focuses on an integrated approach that reflects a deep sense of commitment on achieving the clients’ objectives in both short and long term time frames.”

                            Tamer Abul Ghar, Ed-tech sector

“I absolutely recommend Talent Phoenix Consulting: It’s reasonably priced, well-tailored to our people, and gets the job done. Their years of experience are invaluable to a small business like ours. They have helped with everything from writing our employee manual to finding new employees.They have helped make us a better company.”

President and CEO, Financial industry

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We are a meritocracy-first company. We believe potential > experience. We will reward and compensate you well for the results. You will get both financial and social capital and the internship will open up unlimited avenues for career growth.

Please contact us for more info.

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